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Live Tropical Fish Exporter.


Aquascapes Philippines can supply you with marine ornamental fishes. All our products are sourced exclusively from all over the Philippines. We have been supplying these products since the 1970s. Through our experience and extensive network of suppliers, we can maintain a steady supply with good variety and we can select the highest quality products possible.


Aquascapes Philippines offers the following value added services to support our customers

Consolidate - The Philippines is an archipelago made up of over 7000 islands. Each area has its unique varieties. Our experience gives us the knowledge to pick the best areas for certain types of varieties. These are then consolidated with the varieties from other areas to give a wide selection of strong and healthy specimens for our customers.

Condition - Fishes caught from the sea are brought to our facilities as soon as possible, for acclimation until they have adjusted to living in an aquarium, and are trained to eat dry and fresh foods before they are shipped. This critical step is needed to ensure consistently good quality specimens and is also a requirement for the health certificates.

Communicate - Our fishermen live in remote areas with minimal or non-existent infrastructure. The fishermen also are not fluent in English. We bridge the communication gap between the fishermen and our customers. We work with our fishermen so that they can understand and deliver what our customers need. Our staff are also on standby and can be reached by phone, fax, email, or instant messaging service.

Comply - We comply with local, national, and international laws. As our industry matures, laws and regulations are constantly added to ensure the best practices. Our role is to work with our customers to ensure that everything is compliant with their laws, to work with the government to comply with national laws, and also to help our fishermen comply with the local laws in their communities.

Conserve - we need to look after the environment above and beyond what is required by the law so that the industry is sustainable. We only support net caught fishing and continuously educate our fishermen to protect the environment.

Capital - Our fishermen rely on us to support their operations. We also provide equipment and capital for them, through interest-free loans with very flexible payment terms. This support is essential during typhoon season or emergencies. Having this peace of mind allows them to focus on delivering the best quality specimens and preserving their environment. Our customers are assured that they are indirectly supporting these poor fishing communities, especially during calamities.

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