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Live Tropical Fish Exporter - Aquascapes Philippines Co.
Live Tropical Fish Exporter

Aquascapes Philippines is one of first exporters of live tropical fish in the Philippines and we continue to provide the highest quality live marine tropical fish and invertebrates to clients from all over the world. We maintain one of the largest and most advanced aquarium facility in the Philippines.  This enables us to supply you with a good selection of high quality fishes at competitive prices. We have been serving many satisfied customers worldwide for  over 30 years.. You can learn more about us in our company profile page.


We can supply you with high quality products such as:

  • Live Tropical Fish - marine fish
  • Live marine invertebrates (except hard and soft corals)
  • Live Tropical Fish - Juvenile Spotted Grunt

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    We are more than happy to help you! Our full contact information is on our Inquiries Page. We recommend using our inquiry form to give us complete information, so we can give you a detailed reply that will include freight rates, schedule, price list, and others.

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