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Do you guarantee live arrival or offer any other mortality policy?

We do not guarantee live arrival, but in case of unusual mortality, it will be evaluated on a case-to-case basis with free replacements on some of the mortality items. All mortality claims should be made by email, the next business day, and it is better to send pictures to help us investigate the cause of mortality.

Why are some of your fish more expensive than those same species of your competitors?

Our main philosophy is that healthy livestock promotes sustainability and animal welfare. This also minimizes wastage through mortality. We invest heavily in our equipment and operations to achieve this. We maintain advanced filtration systems along with good husbandry practices to ensure that specimens are strong and healthy. We also require our suppliers to strive to give the best they can by not overcrowding, and practicing good husbandry as soon as the fish are caught, and while they are still in the fishing grounds. We pay a fair price to support their operations. All of this costs more money to implement, which we need to factor into our prices. Our customers share our philosophy of looking at the value rather than the price, and they also save money by having lower mortality costs and faster turnaround time because specimens arrive ready to be sold. They also rely on having a consistently good quality supply in order to attract loyal customers.

Are you able to special order items?

Yes, we can special order specific items that are not part of our typical inventory. For expensive and/or show-size items, a deposit may be required. Additionally, there is no guarantee on the timeframe of shipment of the specially ordered item. Many species are seasonal and unavailable at different times throughout the year.

Do you use copper in your system?

Due to the inevitable stress from the transportation process, certain species are more likely to be susceptible to different diseases. To combat this we use a very high level of Ultraviolet Sterilization as well as a trace level of copper in our system. This combination is very efficient in effectively reducing the number of bacteria and protozoan infections. We also take special care to isolate species sensitive to copper medication by housing them in separate untreated systems.

How do I place an order?

Orders are best placed by email. We send you a combined stocklist w/ an order sheet, and you can put your order there. It will automatically calculate the price, freight, and quantity of boxes. However, this is still subject to availability because orders are allocated first-come first-served basis. We will update you on the final order quantity and shipment schedule after we receive your order.

What are your minimum purchase requirements?

Our minimum purchase requirement is based on the airline's minimum freight required for the customer's airport. The usual minimum is around 100kg, but sometimes it can reach up to 500kg to 650kg, depending on the availability of the flights. Each box is around 15 to 18kg. The value per box is $80 to $150 depending on the species ordered.

What types of payment do you accept?

100% advance payment for fish and freight required. Wire transfers are the only payment method accepted.

What account terms do you offer?

We offer net terms after a consistent purchase history.

How should we acclimate our fish and inverts upon arrival?

For saltwater fish, we recommend that boxes should be opened and fish be acclimated in low light to reduce fish stress. For most species, bags should be floated for 20 -30 minutes in the tanks that will house them to compensate for water temperature differences. However, if there is any indication that the water has fouled, it is recommended that the bag is floated for no more than 15 minutes and the inhabitant should immediately be released to clean water. It is always recommended that you have an idea of the Salinity and pH of the water used for shipping. This will allow you to adjust your system as necessary. Drastic changes in water quality greatly reduce survivability. For sensitive species, such as starfish and ornamental shrimp we recommend drip acclimation; a process in which water from the system is slowly dripped into the bag. This precaution allows the organism to slowly adjust to the change in water conditions.

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