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Live Tropical Fish Exporter - Natural Pebbles Exporter - Aquascapes Philippines Co.
Live Tropical Fish Exporter - Natural Pebbles Exporter.

Natural Pebbles & Dry Goods Section:

We are also an exporter of pebbles Here you can see neatly stacked bags, ready for export.  Packing can be done in transparent plastic bags or jute sacks, 20 Kg, 25 Kg or even 50 Kg per bag.

natural stones
black pebbles yellow pebbles

We are proud of our employees, some of whom have been part of us for over 20 years! We also have the 2nd generation (children of our employees) as part of our team.

aquascapes employees 2004 Christmas group picture

We hope you enjoyed this tour.  We'd like to meet you if you can personally visit us.  Please contact us to arrange a visit to our facilities.

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