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Live Tropical Fish Exporter - Natural Pebbles and Aquarium Sand Exporter.

Invertebrates Area:

After the staff screens the incoming deliveries of our suppliers, we separate the fishes and invertebrates into their respective areas, in order to maintain the optimum water chemistry levels for each type of animal. Below is a wide angle picture of our invertebrates area...

marine invertebrates aquarium area

marine invertebrates aquarium systems
marine invertebrates aquarium tanks
Black Tip White Shark
We also have some Black Tip White Sharks in our invertebrates area because only the custom-made, large cement tanks are spacious enough to accomodate these magnificent fishes. The sharks are available only by special order.

We keep invertebrates such as shrimps, lobsters, crabs, separately in custom made aquariums with dividers, plastic trays, and floating trays. The relatively clean overflow from the trays fall to the concrete tanks below, where other invertebrates such as anemonies are kept together.  This design makes it easy to catch the invertebrates prevent aggression. Just a few steps away from our invertebrates area is...

The Main Aquarium:
marine fish aquarium tanks and plastic trays

This is where we keep the fishes, which comprises the bulk of our stocks. We have separate systems for redundancy / safety purposes. The structure / layout of our main aquarium system focuses on efficiently holding as many individual aquariums in the smallest space possible, while respecting the biomass to water volume ratio.  It also uses different sizes of aquariums to suit the various types of fishes we keep in our system.  This allows us to hold some fishes individually to prevent aggression, while allowing us to keep other less agressive fishes in schools to save space.   We try keep our fishes as individually as it is practically possible, because in our experience, this gives us better and controllable shipment results. Below are more pictures of our holding tanks:

marine fish aquarium tanks and glass dividers
small, medium and large aquariums.
aquarium tanks with adjustable dividers
We have aquariums with adjustable dividers, allowing us to separate different sizes of fishes comfortably.
individual holding tanks for fishes
We keep most of our butterflies in separate aquariums, for better results.

Here is a panoramic shot of our main aquarium facility to give you an idea of its size.  One of our staff can be seen near the center section of the picture to give you an approximate scale.

aquarium warehouse panoramic view

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